5 things you need to know about single-payer health care

There hasn't been much talk about new healthcare regulations since Obamacare became law in 2009. But that's changing this year in Colorado. Voters in November will likely be asked to vote on a ballot initiative to make "single-payer" health care mandatory in Colorado. So what's in store if it passes? Will it be easier to find a doctor, [...]

The one question no one is asking about the next Supreme Court justice

On Saturday evening, Americans learned that U.S. Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia had passed away. By Sunday morning, a political brawl had broken out. But no one has yet asked this one question.

Iran promised to pause its nuclear weapons program. So this was (wasn’t?) a shock.

In July, the President signed a nuclear agreement with Iran, despite strong, bipartisan opposition in Congress. So how’s the agreement holding up? Well...

Meet the Congressman who made a joke out of campus rape

Campus rape is a serious issue that needs to be seriously addresses. So you'll never believe the circus side show that this elected official created.

14 reminders that 9/11 is still important

Fourteen years have past since September 11, 2001. For some, who lost family and friends that day, the pain is still fresh. Do we as a nation remember? Check out these moving tributes.

One Presidential Candidate Just Called for a $15 an Hour Minimum Wage. What Would That Do?

Increasing the minimum wage could help 5 million Americans. It could also drive 40 million deeper into poverty.

Miss Texas May Not Have Won This Year’s Miss USA Pageant. But She Won Our Hearts With This Answer.

"That's a good question. You know, I think that if you work hard enough you can attain anything – this is the land of opportunity..."

This One Thing Could Make American Beer a Thing of the Past

Here’s a fun DIY: grab a beer out of your fridge. Take a look at the label to see where it’s brewed. Now, hop online and look up who owns the brewery...

College should be more affordable, but is more federal aid the answer?

Hillary Clinton has rolled out an ambitious $350 billion plan to make college more affordable. It sounds great, but will it work?

10 Denver-Area Women’s Health Clinics Better Than Planned Parenthood

Investigators found Planned Parenthood engaged in barbaric and unethical activity. Now PP says they're "too big to fail." Not so - check out these great clinics.

The teaching of American History has never been so politicized, so we can’t believe this just happened.

In 2014, the College Board adopted a controversial, revisionist framework for AP U.S. History. Last week, they reversed their decision. This means that...

These Detroit High Schoolers Will Inspire You With Their Story

Detroit Cristo Rey has a 100% college acceptance rate. Hear what made the difference.

Some Nations Are Better Off Than Others. Why?

Why does it seem like life is easier in some countries, and other countries are poor? What makes the difference between having bread lines and Whole Foods?

Whatever you think of unions, they should not be in charge of our schools

Teachers unions get a lot of the blame for poor education outcomes. So the union in New York City opened their own charter school to prove they could succeed. Can you guess what happened next?

Chile has become a model of how not to fight poverty

Chile was a model for making real progress to fight poverty, until they made the same mistake Greece did.

Does Gun Control Keep Us Safe?

Following the horrific murders in Charleston, SC, politicians are calling for more gun control. But would it stop murders like these? Would it keep us safe?

How Amazon — and lobster — make a better Christmas

Amazon.com is the Christmas shopping procrastinator's best friend. Which raises the horrifying question: what if Amazon... didn't exist??